Why Vote Green?

We work hard

Voting for the Leeds Green Party, is a vote for proactive, community-focused leadership committed to sustainability and social equity.

Here in Leeds, we tirelessly promote environmental policies, champion public services, and ensure that community voices are at the heart of our decisions. By prioritising green spaces, advocating for fair housing, and pushing for substantial local transport reforms, we demonstrate our care for current and future generations.

Greens can win

Our success stories in Leeds prove that Greens can and do win. Councillors like David Blackburn in Farnley and Wortley, Ed Carlisle in Hunslet and Riverside, and Penny Stables in Wetherby have all won their seats by advocating policies that directly benefit their constituents.

Greens can win

Their victories show that Green candidates can succeed even in areas traditionally dominated by larger parties. These wins are not anomalies but signs of what’s possible when voters back candidates committed to real, positive change.

By supporting us, you help extend this success, enabling more dedicated leaders like them to implement effective, progressive policies across Leeds.

We achieve results

Our candidates and councillors in Leeds exemplify what it means to serve the community actively. We are at the forefront, addressing everyday concerns—from local safety measures to environmental projects—that enhance living conditions.

Our achievements in areas like community safety, environmental protection, and infrastructure improvements are testaments to our commitment and efficacy in governance. By voting Green, you support a team that doesn’t just promise but acts and delivers on those promises.

We listen to people

Listening to the community is at the heart of our ethos. In Leeds, we’ve prioritised listening to our constituents, ensuring that the solutions we implement are reflective of the community’s needs and aspirations.

This open, inclusive approach has not only led to more effective governance but has also strengthened the bond between residents and their elected officials, fostering a collaborative atmosphere essential for meaningful community development.

Every vote counts

Your vote for the Green Party is a vote for proactive, responsible leadership dedicated to making Leeds a better place to live, work, and relax.

Now, let’s strengthen our impact together

The growth of the Green Party in Leeds

Leeds city -2

Despite being smaller in comparison to the major parties the Leeds Green Party holds a distinctive and proactive role in the city’s local governance.

The party addresses critical issues that are often overlooked by more established parties.

With a focus on social and environmental justice, the Green Party has successfully positioned itself as a key player in advocating for sustainable development and community-focused policies in Leeds.

The Beginning

Leeds City

1998: David Blackburn became the first Green Party councillor for Farnley and Wortley ward, a position he has maintained ever since.

His campaign, alongside his wife Ann Blackburn, set the precedent for the party’s grassroots engagement.

Expansion and Challenges

Leeds City

2000-2023: The early 2000s saw further successes with Claire Nash (2000-2006) and Ann Blackburn (2002-2022) joining the council. Despite fluctuations in the number of Green Councillors over the years, the party remained a crucial voice on the council.

In recent years, new elections brought Ed Carlisle (2022) and Penny Stables (2023) to represent diverse wards, reflecting a significant shift in the party’s presence across Leeds.

Making a Difference

Leeds City

The Greens have been key players in pushing for eco-friendly policies and sustainable development.
Their involvement in a joint administration (2004) and a confidence-and-supply agreement with the Labour Party (2010) led to significant policy wins, including housing insulation programs and the appointment of a Climate Change Officer, despite disagreements on issues like the proposed incinerator.

Towards Unity and Greater Impact

Leeds Green Party Logo

in 2024, the existence of five distinct local parties in Leeds prompted a re-evaluation of the Green Party’s structure in the city.

The idea was to unite the troops for a bigger impact, though it’s not always been smooth sailing in getting everyone on the same page.
So, there you have it.

The Green Party in Leeds is more than a few council seats and policy wins; it’s about a bunch of determined folks coming together to make the world a bit better.

The Green Party is the only major political party in the UK that is committed fully to a life based on democracy and justice within the planets limits.

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