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Central & Outer Leeds Green Party (covering about two-thirds of Leeds) is run by a committed group of volunteers and has hundreds of members across the city. There are currently two Green councillors on Leeds City Council. Find out more about our councillors, candidates and volunteer officers below, or see how you can get involved here

Our candidates in the 2019 Leeds City Council Election

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Hunslet & Riverside

Ed Carlisle

Ed Carlisle

Ed, 40, is originally from Sheffield, grew up in different corners of the UK, came to Leeds in the 1990s, and fell in love with the city on Day 1. He’s lived, worked and volunteered around south and central Leeds for 15+ years, co-leading or supporting dozens of local projects, charities, and events. They include: Holbeck Viaduct, Beeston Festival, Leeds Repair Café, schools and youth work, community camps, and hiking and sports programmes. He’s stood in the elections for this area since 2015. He’s married to Tania, with a cracking young daughter Emily and son Alex.

» Read more about Ed and the Hunslet & Riverside team on GreenLeeds.org

Other wards covered by Central & Outer Leeds Green Party

Alwoodley: Gideon Jones

Ardsley & Robin Hood: Rich Daley

I have been an active part of the Green Party in Leeds for 5 years and I've helped to shape both national and local policies. The Green Party is different because of our strong commitment to putting local issues first, its commitment to people's humanity and rights and to listening to people and evidence instead of playing games with people's lives.

I live in the city but my grandmother is from East Ardsley and I care enormously about the further reaches of the borough. With more Green councillors, we would:

  • Protect areas of green belt such as Haigh Woods, by incentivising developers to build new social and affordable housing on existing brownfield sites.
  • Radically transform the public transport system in the borough and beyond, making reliable access to the city and other local areas available to all.
  • Protect the interests of local communities; always putting what's best for the public - and the planet - over corporate interests.

Beeston & Holbeck: Alaric Hall

Key themes for Alaric's local Green platform are:

  1. Rethinking Holbeck’s ‘managed zone’ for sex-work with proper community engagement.
  2. Clean air.
  3. Community cohesion.

Burmantofts & Richmond Hill: John Barlow

Calverley & Farsley: Ellen Graham

Ellen has spent a total of 14 years living in Leeds and now enjoys living in Farsley. For the last few years Ellen has worked for charities supporting older people and is also passionate about the environment, women’s issues and LGBTIQA+ rights.

Chapel Allerton: Bobak Walker

Bobak lives in Chapeltown and has enjoyed living in the ward since the millennium. He's an avid user of all the ward’s parks and green spaces and can be seen running or dog-walking on a daily basis.

He's enthusiastic about the area’s diverse local businesses, especially the fantastic eateries and also the incredible cultural events, including Chapel Allerton Festival and, of course, Carnival.

Impressed by the ‘roots-up’, very local approach of the Greens Bobak is standing as an alternative voice who is passionate and hopeful about improving the great community which he's part of.

Bobak is part of group of volunteers working on setting up a Parkrun for Potternewton Park, a free event open to everyone which he hopes will add to the health and well-being of the community. Expect to see him in the park most Saturday mornings.

Cross Gates & Whinmoor: Ben Goldthorp

Gipton & Harehills: Lynne Caulfield

Guiseley & Rawdon: Mark Rollinson

From an early age, I have been emotionally attached to Leeds - my home, and have grown a strong desire to protect, preserve and enhance its surroundings. Shortly after graduating Leeds Metropolitan University, Guiseley stood out as the perfect location to build a home and raise my children.

I have found great joy over the last 16 years in being part of such a vibrant community, so much so, that I began volunteering my time in order to sustain the environment I had grown to love. Now that my children are at an age where I can dedicate my time to making a difference, I have taken active roles in the community including standing on the Steering Group for Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum, Secretary of ANSA, litter picking with Litter Free Guiseley and Chair of Central and Outer Leeds Green Party.

I had always had interest in politics however my frustration at recent political upheaval motivated me to make a positive change. I am a strong believer in renewable energy and the Green Economy, which brings prosperity health and a better standard of living to all. Being part of the Green Party not only allows me to honour my own beliefs and values but enables me to act in the best interests of our children and future generations.

If elected I aim to make a positive difference to the community by tackling the most pressing issues facing Guiseley including;

  • Protecting our green belt, building for people not profit - It is our duty to ensure the remaining ecological sites in Guiseley are sustained. Estates consisting of executive 5-bedroom houses are not the answer, instead we should look at making existing houses more affordable for young working families in Guiseley. Developments built for profit will only increase the demands on schools, trains and buses that are already at full capacity.
  • Tackling congestion for a healthier future - Congestion is just one consequence of building more houses in an already over populated Guiseley. By introducing a fully integrated public transport scheme, we can encourage more people to leave their cars at home. Reducing the number of cars on the road will provide safer access routes for children to walk and cycle to school, thus reducing pollution and saving our environment.
  • Greater support for our community groups and sports clubs - Actively supporting those dedicating their time to supporting our community, protects the health and wellbeing of both our children and the more vulnerable people in our society. These clubs not only create a sense of security, but also bring us together. More should be done to support those striving to increase participation in outdoor and indoor activities, as well as those providing kind and caring ‘safe spaces’ for the most vulnerable members of Guiseley.

Horsforth: Rosa Shaw

I live in Horsforth with my husband and two small children and work as a data analyst for a national charity in Leeds city centre. I love Horsforth because of its green spaces, fantastic local businesses and its active, welcoming and vibrant community. It’s a great place to bring up my young family. 

As councillor, my priorities would be:

  • Combatting air pollution - Our invisible but toxic air is a public health crisis and Leeds has one of the highest levels of air pollution in the country. As a parent, it concerns me that exposure affects children, with their developing lungs, the worst. I would work hard to improve air quality, with positive, bold and effective strategies, such as improving transport options to ease congestion, stopping idling near schools and installing green walls.
  • Protecting the green belt and enhancing and creating green spaces - I would campaign against building on the green belt and strongly oppose the proposed airport link road. I would also fight to scrap bulky waste charges which have resulted in Leeds having the worst fly-tipping in the country, and support community groups to enhance and create shared green spaces.
  • Supporting local businesses and community groups - Our flourishing local businesses are what attracts people to the town and gives it its character. To encourage this, I would promote buy-local schemes and local business networks, ensure accessibility for people with reduced mobility and young children, and help Horsforth become an innovative low plastic, low waste town.

Killingbeck & Seacroft: Colin Noble

Little London & Woodhouse: Gavin Andrews

I was brought up in north Leeds, and now live in Meanwood with my young family. I've worked for myself for the last 9 years running Leeds Solar as a small family owned solar panel installation business based off Kirkstall Road, and prior to that worked in a range of community environmental roles for various organisations in Leeds, Newcastle and Bristol after completing an Environmental Management degree in 1998.

I've a long track record of working with local community organisations and businesses in similar areas to improve access to childrens play areas, youth services and to bring diverse communities together to create a happier, healthier, safer environment for everyone to live in. If elected as a Green Party councillor for the Little London and Woodhouse ward I'd expect to be actively involved in working with the community to improve the area in a way that many have told me the current councillors don't seem to have been recently.

The 3 key concerns I'd aim to address for the ward if elected would be:

  1. Landlord regulation to improve the state of repair, energy efficiency levels and levels of fees charged for rented housing in the ward.
  2. Better safe play areas, youth service provision and improvements to the schools in the area to ensure that all children and young people in this area get as good a start in life as children elsewhere in the city.
  3. Littering, and reversing the charge for disposing of bulky waste that's resulted in Leeds becoming the local authority with the worst level of flytipping in the country.

Middleton Park: Eunice Agbemafle

Moortown: Rachel Hartshorne

I came to Leeds to study in 2001 and have been here ever since. I live and work in LS6 and have been an active environmental campaigner for many years, including running the Healthy Air Leeds group.

If elected as a Green Party councillor for the Moortown ward I'd expect to be actively involved in working with the community to improve the area for all of the residents.

The key concerns I'd aim to address for the ward if elected would be:

  1. Improving road safety, especially at the Waitrose junction.
  2. Protecting green spaces from development.
  3. Reducing littering and flytipping.
  4. Increasing cycle lanes.
  5. Decreasing anti social behaviour.

Morley North: Fiona Love

Fiona is a professional musician and music teacher. She has lived in Leeds for over 40 years and has been a member of the Green Party since 2008.

As a supporter of wildlife Fiona is keen to preserve and enhance the green spaces in and around Leeds.

Fiona is a regular bus user and wants to make improvements in our public transport system.

Morley South: Chris Bell

I have lived in Morley for 10 years, during which time I have found it to be a proud community that revels in having a unique identity.

I work in Pharmacy for the NHS and have done so in a variety of roles for the past 15 years; naturally this makes health one of my main political passions.

I first campaigned for the Green party prior to the 2015 General Election and joined immediately after. My interest in politics dates back to my early teens and my earliest political activism was as part of the huge anti Iraq war efforts that saw over 1 million people march in protest in London.

Locally in Morley I will look to work on 3 key priorities:

  1. To improve Morley Train station and services
  2. To promote the spread and success of local independent businesses in Morley
  3. To limit the expansion of housing on the fringes of Morley on green belt land. Sustainable development is key.

Most of all I will if elected seek to act as a powerful advocate for the concerns of the citizens of Morley South both inside and outside the council chambers.

Pudsey: Cath Harrison

Cath would seek to retain and enhance Pudsey’s green spaces and amenity parks for both wildlife and recreation. Across the UK we are seeing a severe decline in numbers of many of our native flora and fauna. Good conservation practices by local groups can help to reverse this.

She would look to preserve green belt land and encourage any new housing developments to be built to highest energy efficiency standards, using more eco-friendly materials.

If we are to approach our target of a carbon-neutral city by 2030, and drastically reduce the amount of fossil fuels we use, we will need to adapt our lifestyles to build stronger local communities,
walk and cycle more, use more public transport and moderate our use of air travel. As such, Cath would encourage better public transport links to and around Pudsey, but she is against the proposed expansion of Leeds/Bradford Airport to accommodate a forecast 3 million more passengers per year by 2030.

Roundhay: Paul Ellis

I have lived in Roundhay Ward since 1986 and been active in the local community for most of that time. I work as the CEO of the Yorkshire based Ecology Building Society, which provides green mortgages and an ethical savings service in pursuit of a sustainable economy. I am also a director of the International Association of Investors in the Social Economy (INAISE), which promotes the growth of social economy and solidarity finance around the world.

I have a long track record of campaigning for environmental and social justice, and I have been active in the local community through Scouting at St. Edmunds, Friends of Gledhow Valley Woods, REAP, Roundhay Live, and have recently guided the installation of renewable energy at Roundhay Friends Meeting House.

If elected as a Green Party councillor for Roundhay I will be visible in working for a Greener Leeds, improvements in our ward and listening to the ideas and concerns of members of our community.

My initial priorities would be:

  • to maintain our green open spaces and combat the scourge of air pollution
  • to work towards a fully integrated transport system across the city, while supporting our local shopping facilities and community resources
  • to remove the charge for disposing of bulk waste that has resulted in a massive increase in fly-tipping
  • to increase renewable energy provision in Leeds.

Temple Newsam: Shahab Adris

Candidates in other parts of Leeds

Almost everywhere in Leeds you will have the opportunity to vote for a Green candidate. Elsewhere in Leeds, other local Green parties are putting forward candidates.

Elmet & Rothwell Greens

  • Harewood: David Corry
  • Kippax & Methley: Dylan Brown
  • Rothwell: Ali Aliremzioglu
  • Wetherby: Ruth Corry

Farnley & Wortley Greens

  • Armley: Keith Whittaker
  • Bramley & Stanningley: Clive Lord
  • Farnley & Wortley: Ann Forsaith
  • Kirkstall: Victoria Smith

Headingley Greens

  • Adel & Wharfedale: Lesley Jeffries
  • Headingley & Hyde Park: Tim Goodall
  • Weetwood: Martin Hemingway

Otley & Yeadon Greens

  • Otley & Yeadon: Mick Bradley

Green candidates in 2019 Town Council elections

Horsforth Town Council

  • Hall Park: Seth Mowshowitz
  • Broadfields: Rosa Shaw

Morley Town Council

  • Central: Chris Bell

Otley Town Council

(Otley & Yeadon Green Party)

  • Ashfield: Mark Rollinson
  • Danefield: Mick Bradley
  • Manor: Sue Stepan
  • Prince Henry: Charlotte Hunt
  • West Chevin: Cath Harrison

Green Councillors in Leeds

Cllr Ann Blackburn

Cllr Ann Blackburn"To me being a councillor is not just about attending meetings, but about doing things in the community. Over the years the Green Party team and I have worked hard tramping the streets leafleting and door knocking in all weathers. We have made it an act of faith to keep you informed what is going on. You can be assured that as long as I am physically able I will be out at the front doing the same and trying my best for people of our communities."

Ann Blackburn is married to David Blackburn. Ann has a grown up son and step-daughter. Originally from Armley, she has lived in Farnley for 30 years and worked in the area before moving there. Ann was elected to Leeds City Council in 2002 and has represented the Farnley & Wortley area since that time. She was Leader of the Council’s Green Party Group from 2009 to May 2013.

» Cllr Ann Blackburn contact details and surgery times

Cllr David Blackburn

Cllr David BlackburnDavid Blackburn is married to Ann Blackburn. David has a grown up son and daughter. He has lived in west Leeds all his life and has lived in the Farnley & Wortley ward for nearly 30 years.

David was elected to Leeds City Council in 1998 to represent Wortley Ward, becoming the first ever Green Party Councillor in Leeds and has represented the Farnley & Wortley area since that time. He was Leader of the Council’s Green Party Group for 11 years. David is Chair of the Outer West Area Committee, Chair of Green Leeds, and Chair of the Roseville Enterprises Advisory Board. He has been the Green prospective parliamentary candidate for Leeds West constituency several times. In May 2013 he once again became Leader of the Green Group on Leeds City Council.

» Cllr David Blackburn contact details and surgery times

Our volunteer coordinator and officers

Mark Rollinson, chair and coordinator

Mark RollinsonMark became coordinator of Leeds Green Party in 2018.

"I am 45 years old, married, with 3 children. I moved to Leeds in 1991 as a student and loved it so much I have never wanted to leave. I have always had an interest in politics, however, my frustration at recent political upheaval motivated me to strive to make a positive change.  I am a strong believer in renewable energy and the Green Economy, which brings prosperity, health and a better standard of living to all. With its strong environmental message and a belief in social justice, the Green Party was the natural choice for me."

Our volunteer officers

Campaigns vacant
Equality, diversity & inclusion Richard Firth
Fundraising & events vacant
Internal communications Matthew Pearce 
Local party contact  Quinn Daley
Media & communications Gavin Andrews
Rosa Shaw
Membership Gavin Andrews
Rosa Shaw
National Policy Richard Firth
Quinn Daley
Nominations Chris Foren
Colin Noble
Policy Chris Bell
Returning officer vacant
Secretary Richard Firth
Treasurer Paul Ellis
Website Quinn Daley
Young Greens officer vacant
Delegates to the Leeds Federation of Green Parties Chris Bell
Quinn Daley





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