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Central & Outer Leeds Green Party (covering about two-thirds of Leeds) is run by a committed group of volunteers and has hundreds of members across the city. There are currently three Green councillors on Leeds City Council. Find out more about our councillors, candidates and volunteer officers below, or see how you can get involved here

Our candidates in the 2021 Leeds City Council election

Hunslet & Riverside

Ed Carlisle

Ed Carlisle

Ed's been working hard at the heart of this community for 18 years. Other candidates cannot match his commitment to this area.

Ed has been getting ever closer to winning since he first stood in 2015. This is now one of the closest (most 'marginal') seats in Leeds.

Let's break through and help Ed finally take a seat on the City Council.

» Read more about Ed and the Hunslet & Riverside team on GreenLeeds.org

Other wards covered by Central & Outer Leeds Green Party

Ardsley & Robin Hood: Colin Noble

Colin Noble Colin Noble has lived in Leeds for 44 years and was a county councillor on the old West Yorkshire County Council.

Colin is joint coordinator of the Central and Outer Leeds Green Party and regards climate change as the single most important issue facing us. From this comes his passion for sustainable public transport, the proper insulation of homes, Green jobs and the universal basic income.

Beeston & Holbeck: Becky Kellett

Becky Kellett I've lived in Beeston for my whole life and my son attends a local nursery, I'm extremely passionate about South Leeds, the people that live here and the iconic South Leeds landmarks that remind me of home such as Elland Road and Middleton Park. I am aware of the many issues that we have as a community and I'm passionate about working with local people to create solutions, I don't have all the answers, I simply aim to be a voice for the people of Beeston & Holbeck.

That's the thing that attracted me to the Green Party, we believe in sustainability and we want to work with people not just do things for them or to them. I want to give local people the confidence and knowledge to take action themselves and to improve our surroundings and services.

I have a deep commitment and a huge determination to create a clean, safe and happy environment for our young children to grow up in.

I'm passionate about the environment dedicating time each week to cleaning up our local area, I'm friendly and approachable so if you see me out and about be sure to stop for a chat!

Burmantofts & Richmond Hill: Karen Peters

Calverley & Farsley: Ellen Graham

Ellen Graham I have spent sixteen years in total living in Leeds and am happy to have called Farsley my home for the last four years. I have previously worked in government and have also spent many years working for local and international charities fighting for social justice. This experience has given me a solid understanding of campaigning and how to influence political decision-making. I am passionate about equality and human rights and the need to protect our environment. I am standing in these council elections because I believe strongly in the positive difference that Green councillors can make in their communities.

Chapel Allerton: Bobak Walker

Bobak Walker Hi I'm Bobak. I've enjoyed living in Chapeltown for close to 20 years now and have recently become a dad.

I'm passionate about the community spirit in the ward and am an advocate for our green spaces, regularly litter picking as I go.

I'm involved in community projects such as the creation of the free for all running event Parkrun, at Potternewton park.
I value the Green Party's bottom up, roots based approach. I'm ready to highlight issues which would otherwise go unnoticed by councillors who (mostly) don't live here, to improve our neighbourhood.

Lockdown has highlighted the issues facing people across the ward and I believe we can come together to improve it.

Cross Gates & Whinmoor: Keith Hale

Keith Hale I've lived in Leeds for 16 years and always loved the mixture of city life with easy access to the countryside, making it an ideal place to bring up my two children. I joined the Green Party last year when I realised that we needed to take urgent action to protect the planet for my children and future generations. The Green Party is the only party that follows the science and takes the climate emergency seriously.

Gipton & Harehills: Alaric Hall

Alaric Hall I’ve been an active member of the Leeds community for the last decade. I’ve chaired the St Luke’s Tenants and Residents Association, liaising with the Council to lobby for residents and organise community gardening, kids’ fundays, and litterpicks. I’m a school governor and I volunteer to support disadvantaged children.

As a councillor, I’d take this work to the next level, providing a strong, independent voice for Gipton and Harehills.

Labour have failed to come to grips with poor housing and landlords in Harehills: the selective licensing scheme introduced in 2019 managed to be both controversial and still so far to have little to show for itself.

Meanwhile, people’s lives are cut short by illegal levels of polluted air, yet the Council have failed to offer the bold changes to transport we need to make Leeds fit for the twenty-first century.

The Green Party can offer a badly needed critical perspective in Gipton and Harehills, and bring new ideas to the table. Yet we also understand how to work collaboratively, helping our community come together for the common good. We came second in the last election here: help us make our way to first!

Guiseley & Rawdon: Nick Hodgkinson

Nick Hodgkinson Hello, I’m 58 years old and disabled. I’m standing for the Green Party because I believe we can create a fairer, safer and greener Leeds. I believe we can have good jobs and tackle the climate crisis at the same time. I’ve spent the last couple of years actively campaigning against airport expansion and for a green new deal for workers in industries that cause greenhouse gases. Before becoming disabled, I spent 30 years working in community advice services, including Citizens Advice, helping people with their debt, benefit and housing problems. Since becoming disabled, I’ve learned just how brilliant our NHS is and how the staff deserve more than just applause! Honestly, a 1% pay rise after the way they served their communities during Covid is an insult. On a personal note, I grew up in Birmingham and moved to Leeds in 1987. I live with my partner, cat and carers and I love going to see live music, watch football and see the Yorkshire Dales.

Horsforth: Gideon Jones

Gideon Jones Hello, my name is Gideon. I made my home in west Leeds five years ago (originally from 'the wrong side' of the Pennines) after falling in love with the city, the people & the Yorkshire countryside!

I'm standing for the Green Party as it's the only party which truly appreciates the urgency of our environmental situation, alongside providing fresh ideas to tackle a whole range of physical, economic & social issues.

In Leeds, we have an opportunity to be a real stand-out city in the north. I strongly believe the success of Leeds depends on carefully making decisions around matters such as protecting our green spaces & encouraging sustainable modes of transport.

Let's get these right, & make Leeds a greener, healthier, & happier place to live!

Killingbeck & Seacroft: Alan Anthoney

Hello, I am Alan and have lived and worked in North Leeds for the past 20 years. As a doctor working at St James’ Hospital I have seen how physical, social and environmental factors across our city significantly influence the well being of all of us. This has been so obvious in the past year and highlights how we need new ideas and new faces to represent you in the council. I feel the Green Party has the radical and sustainable policies to be this change that is so vitally needed.

Having worked with, and listened to, young people in North Leeds over many years, as a cub scout leader and girls football team assistant coach (very badly according to my daughter) I know we have to act urgently to ensure we leave Leeds and the whole planet a better place for our future generations.

Little London & Woodhouse: Marcus Cain

Marcus Cain Hi! My name’s Marcus. I’m a professional musician and educator and have lived in Leeds for 5 years. I’m standing for the Green Party as it’s the only party that works hard for local people all year round and gets things done as well as tackling the broader issues that face us all such as social inequality, the climate crisis and NHS privatisation. This year we’ve got the opportunity to keep the Green Wave going and change politics for the better.

Middleton Park: Kay-Lee Asquith

Kay-Lee Asquith I’ve lived in Middleton Park ward for 12 years and in South Leeds all my life. I love it here but I’m also aware it could be much better. Having three children at local schools, I’m determined that they’re going to grow up in a clean, safe, happy environment in an area they’ll be proud to call ‘home’.

I’m passionate about working with local people, in June last year I became the LS10 co-ordinator for The Big Bike Fix Leeds, during the pandemic I started supporting local charities and distributing food parcels, I organised the big clean up at Hunslet Cemetery and you'll often find me out on a community litter pick, I've been supporting local residents and businesses whilst working with local authorities to tackle the ever increasing litter and fly tipping issues.

That’s the great thing about Green politics; because we believe in sustainability and we want to work with people.

I haven’t got all the answers for what’s wrong with our society and community, but I do have bucket loads of energy, a deep commitment and a massive determination to get things done!

Moortown: Rachel Hartshorne

Rachel Hartshorne I'm proud to be standing in Moortown ward again in the Local Elections. I've lived in Meanwood for 5 years and am a member of Litter Free Meanwood, Meanwood Park Playground Appeal and the Love Meanwood working groups. A vote for me is a vote for protecting our green spaces and making Meanwood and Moortown sustainable neighbourhoods.

Morley North: Eunice Agbemafle

Morley South: Chris Bell

Chris Bell Hi folks. My name is Chris Bell and I have been active in local politics in Morley since first standing for election in 2016.

I have been working in pharmacy in the NHS for nearly 20 years.

I am passionate about protecting the green spaces in Morley and ensuring that the Town Deal Funds money is spent wisely and transparently.

My pledge to you is to make the decision makers accountable to the local population and to always consult and engage with you before and after decisions are made.

Pudsey: Suzanne Ward

Suzanne Ward I have spent a total of 35 years living locally to Pudsey. For the last 5 years I has volunteered for a food waste CLC in Pudsey and over the past year have worked full time supporting community groups across Leeds by helping to provide vital food during the COVID emergency. I am passionate about the environment and believe that everyone can play a key part, no matter how small, in working towards a better future. On a local level I regard supporting small local businesses is key to the long term survival of towns such as Pudsey, as well as ensuring there is a good public transport network linking Pudsey to the rest of Leeds.

Roundhay: Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson I am standing as your Green Party candidate in Roundhay because I believe that the Greens are the only party which offers solutions to the real challenges of the 21st century. The greatest of these is climate change, which needs global and local solutions. In Leeds this means opposing the expansion of Leeds/Bradford airport, but supporting investment in a clean, modern, integrated transport system for our city and region.

A more immediate concern is the shortage of quality affordable housing, which continues to cause misery for many people in Leeds – a problem only exacerbated by the economic disruption of the Covid pandemic. If elected I would insist that the council redouble its efforts to combat the scourge of homelessness and insecure living arrangements.

Looking further afield, I am strongly opposed to Brexit, which has set our country back decades and has ushered in a new era of small-minded nationalism, economic damage and the loss of many of our freedoms – including freedom of movement. Leeds is a great European city and I will support efforts to encourage cooperation with other European cities and to celebrate the contribution of EU citizens to our city’s vibrant cultural and economic life.

Temple Newsam: Shahab Adris

Shahab Adris Having been involved in community work for many years across Yorkshire and someone who is passionate about bringing people together, it is now more important than ever before that we return to the good ol' days when it comes to producing community spirit. Wouldn't it be nice to have properly functioning neighbourhoods where we can share each others joys and sorrows, where we can all look out for each other and our children, celebrate our festivals - all this regardless of how rich or poor we are, what the colour of our skin is, or whatever our background!

We have to move forward with all the opportunities we have as individuals and communities but keeping in mind all the universal values which enable us to function as a progressive and happy people. As a prospective Green councillor I would like to work with my communities in Halton Moor, Colton, Temple Newsam, Whitkirk, Halton and all of our surrounding areas to deal with issues which we're all concerned about as parents, as elderly, as young people and as concerned citizens and to pump a bit of life and unity amongst us. My ambition is to serve my local people so that we can become a model for other towns and cities across the UK. But we can only do this if you're willing to change yourself. If you want better change, you have to make decisions that will help you change, that's why it's never been so important to believe in the Green Party now - just imagine where we can be by 2024 with Green councillors across the city working with and working for you!

Candidates in other parts of Leeds

Almost everywhere in Leeds you will have the opportunity to vote for a Green candidate. Elsewhere in Leeds, other local Green parties are putting forward candidates.

Elmet & Rothwell Greens

  • Harewood: Claire Evans
  • Kippax & Methley: Dylan Brown
  • Rothwell: Ali Aliremzioglu
  • Wetherby: Penny Stables

Farnley & Wortley Greens

  • Armley: Mark Rollinson
  • Bramley & Stanningley: Clive Lord
  • Farnley & Wortley: David Blackburn
  • Kirkstall: Victoria Smith

Leeds North West Greens

  • Adel & Wharfedale: Lesley Jeffries
  • Headingley & Hyde Park: Tim Goodall
  • Weetwood: Chris Foren

Otley & Yeadon Greens

  • Otley & Yeadon: Mick Bradley

Green Councillors in Leeds

Cllr Ann Blackburn

Cllr Ann Blackburn"To me being a councillor is not just about attending meetings, but about doing things in the community. Over the years the Green Party team and I have worked hard tramping the streets leafleting and door knocking in all weathers. We have made it an act of faith to keep you informed what is going on. You can be assured that as long as I am physically able I will be out at the front doing the same and trying my best for people of our communities."

Ann Blackburn is married to David Blackburn. Ann has a grown up son and step-daughter. Originally from Armley, she has lived in Farnley for 30 years and worked in the area before moving there. Ann was elected to Leeds City Council in 2002 and has represented the Farnley & Wortley area since that time. She was Leader of the Council’s Green Party Group from 2009 to May 2013.

» Cllr Ann Blackburn contact details and surgery times

Cllr David Blackburn

Cllr David BlackburnDavid Blackburn is married to Ann Blackburn. David has a grown up son and daughter. He has lived in west Leeds all his life and has lived in the Farnley & Wortley ward for nearly 30 years.

David was elected to Leeds City Council in 1998 to represent Wortley Ward, becoming the first ever Green Party Councillor in Leeds and has represented the Farnley & Wortley area since that time. He was Leader of the Council’s Green Party Group for 11 years. David is Chair of the Outer West Area Committee, Chair of Green Leeds, and Chair of the Roseville Enterprises Advisory Board. He has been the Green prospective parliamentary candidate for Leeds West constituency several times. In May 2013 he once again became Leader of the Green Group on Leeds City Council.

» Cllr David Blackburn contact details and surgery times

Cllr Ann Forsaith

Ann Forsaith is a retired teacher. She was elected to represent Farnley & Wortley ward in 2019.

» Cllr Ann Forsaith contact details and surgery times

Our volunteer coordinator and officers

Colin Noble & Rachel Hartshorne, chair and coordinator (job-share)

Colin & Rachel took over as joint coordinators in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Our volunteer officers

Campaigns Alan Anthony
Equality, diversity & inclusion Alaric Hall
Fundraising & events vacant
Internal communications vacant
Local party contact  Quinn Daley
Media & communications Mike Chitty
Membership Suzanne Ward
National Policy Richard Wilson
Nominations Chris Foren
Policy Chris Bell
Returning officer vacant
Secretary Alaric Hall
Treasurer Paul Ellis
Website Quinn Daley
Young Greens officer vacant
Delegates to the Leeds Federation of Green Parties Quinn Daley
Rachel Hartshorne

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