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Leeds Green Party is run by a committed group of volunteers and has about 1,000 members across the city. There are currently three Green councillors on Leeds City Council. Find out more about our councillors, candidates and volunteer officers below, or see how you can get involved here

Our candidates in the 2017 General Election

Ed Carlisle - Leeds Central

Ed Carlisle

"We need fresh ideas. The world is changing fast. Politics as we know it seems lost. Change is coming – and that’s no bad thing. But how can we best navigate it together?

We need to rebuild power in our communities. I love this city, and in the past 15+ years have worked with a load of different people to make good things happen. Let’s work together for change.

Locally, we’re stifled by one-party Labour politics. Nationally, we’re being hammered by a Conservative government hell-bent on cuts, and a destructive extreme Brexit.

But we can choose a new path, and start creating a different future. Let’s go."

Find out more about Ed on his campaign page.

Ann Forsaith - Leeds North East

Ann Forsaith

"I am standing as the Green Party candidate in Leeds NE as I believe people should have the opportunity to vote for a party that puts the sustainability of our planet and all people’s needs at the top of the political agenda. My concern for both people and the environment has resulted in many decades of action both inside and outside politics.

Having recently returned to Leeds, where I spent my University days in the 1970s, I would now like to have the chance to help influence the future of this wonderful City and its residents.

These are very challenging times for many people, and this requires a fresh kind of politics that starts from where people find themselves and builds hope and stronger communities with services for the many not the few. The policies of the Green Party offer this hope and the means to bring about the changes needed for us all."

Find out more about Ann on her campaign page.

Jaimes Lewis Moran - Leeds East

Jaimes Moran"I'm standing to be MP of Leeds East because I believe in local people and that they deserve the right to vote Green, to have a representative who prioritises their environments, air quality, transport solutions, and the road safety/cycling of our communities.

I am such a candidate who holds these values, however these are just a few subjects I hold dear; for instance I also believe in having Zero Carbon communities, sustainable food cafés (like Armley Junk-tion), local arts culture and better awareness of Autism in adults.

A vote for me is a vote that will give forgotten communities a loud voice in government and a better chance to be prosperous. I stand up for human rights, climate/environmental change, and my belief that with our shared values (and for the common good) we can grow the strongest sense of community."

Find out more about Jaimes on his campaign page.

Other constituencies in Leeds

We are supporting these candidates who have been chosen by the other Green Parties in Leeds:

With some regret we have decided not to stand candidates in Pudsey and in Morley and Outwood. You can read our full statement here.

Green Party councillors in Leeds

Cllr Ann Blackburn

Cllr Ann Blackburn"To me being a councillor is not just about attending meetings, but about doing things in the community. Over the years the Green Party team and I have worked hard tramping the streets leafleting and door knocking in all weathers. We have made it an act of faith to keep you informed what is going on. You can be assured that as long as I am physically able I will be out at the front doing the same and trying my best for people of our communities."

Ann Blackburn is married to David Blackburn. Ann has a grown up son and step-daughter. Originally from Armley, she has lived in Farnley for 30 years and worked in the area before moving there. Ann was elected to Leeds City Council in 2002 and has represented the Farnley & Wortley area since that time. She was Leader of the Council’s Green Party Group from 2009 to May 2013.

» Cllr Ann Blackburn contact details and surgery times

Cllr David Blackburn

Cllr David BlackburnDavid Blackburn is married to Ann Blackburn. David has a grown up son and daughter. He has lived in west Leeds all his life and has lived in the Farnley & Wortley ward for nearly 30 years.

David was elected to Leeds City Council in 1998 to represent Wortley Ward, becoming the first ever Green Party Councillor in Leeds and has represented the Farnley & Wortley area since that time. He was Leader of the Council’s Green Party Group for 11 years. David is Chair of the Outer West Area Committee, Chair of Green Leeds, and Chair of the Roseville Enterprises Advisory Board. He has been the Green prospective parliamentary candidate for Leeds West constituency several times. In May 2013 he once again became Leader of the Green Group on Leeds City Council.

» Cllr David Blackburn contact details and surgery times

Cllr Terry Wilford

Cllr Terry Wilford

» Cllr Terry Wilford contact details and surgery times

Our volunteer coordinator and officers

Rich Daley, coordinator and chairperson

Rich DaleyRich lives in the city centre and joined the party in 2014. His paid work is as a freelance software developer.

"I joined the Green Party after becoming sick of all the other parties using economic indicators as a measure of success. This country is not successful if it grows economically but many of its people are starving or don't have access to the services they need. This country is not successful if it only cares about people who are able to work, and it is not successful if the white Christian Britain of the age of Empire is the only belief system and culture supported by the government."

Our volunteer officers

Campaigns Colin Noble
Equality, diversity & inclusion vacant 
Fundraising & events Chris Bell
Colin Noble
Internal communications vacant
Local party contact  Lukas Hardt
Media & communications Rachel Hartshorne
Membership Nick H
National Policy Bill Shutt
Nominations Chris Foren
Colin Noble
Policy Chris Bell
Returning officer vacant
Secretary Jason McGrath
Treasurer Paul Ellis
Website Rich Daley
Young Greens officer Florence Scott





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