Campaigning with Omar Mushtaq: A message from Councillor Ed Carlisle

Omar Mushtaq Hunslet & Riverside Ward

Councillor Ed Carlisle says: ” I’m incredibly proud to be working and campaigning year-round with my friend Omar Mushtaq as he aims to become the second Leeds Green Party councillor in Hunslet and Riverside, joining me in serving our community”

Together, Councillor Ed Carlisle, Omar, and the team are working hard for the community and are committed to:

  • Community-Driven Politics: Empowering local voices to lead change in our area.
  • Hands-On Politics: Rolling up our sleeves to tackle major issues.
  • Creative Politics: Innovating to address the significant challenges ahead of us.
  • Local Politics: Ensuring our communities are represented by people who live and breathe them.
  • Cooperative Politics: Putting aside differences to work for the common good.

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported them. The Green Party is a rapidly growing alternative to the two-party system, offering a dynamic and diverse political landscape. Last year’s election was close, and they need your help to break through and win a second seat this week.

Please help spread the word both online and offline!

Get in touch to assist with the final election push, and whatever happens on Thursday, let’s work together to transform our communities and city for good.

Also, make sure to check out the wonderful Leeds Green Party candidates in other areas: Lou Cunningham for Armley, Tim Goodall for Headingley and Hyde Park, Anna Jacobs for Wetherby, David Blackburn for Farnley and Wortley, Mothin Ali for Gipton and Harehills, Matt Rogan for Beeston and Holbeck, and their West Yorkshire mayoral candidate Andrew Cooper.

Every vote everywhere makes a difference.

Thank you!

Councillor Ed Carlisle – Hunslet & Riverside Ward

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