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Leeds campaigners call for safer walking and cycling at start of national Road Safety Week

24 November 2015

As national Road Safety Week gets underway across the UK, Leeds Green Party is getting behind the ‘drive less, live more’ message and calling on Leeds City Council to make the city more walking and cycling friendly.

Paris Climate Debate at Leeds University, 26th November

23 November 2015

An informed debate will take place at Leeds University about the sort of things that we hope will come out of the Paris Climate Change Talks which are due to begin at the end of the month.

Leeds Green Party stands up for Headingley Hill and green spaces across the city

12 November 2015

Joe Salmon is today taking his campaign for Headingley Hill to be better protected to Leeds City Council. This important green space is wrongly classified as urban space.

What does Corbyn’s election mean to the Greens?

21 October 2015

Leeds Green Party's take on the new Labour leader.

The Leeds Green Party Social Bike Ride

16 October 2015

A recreational bike ride taking us through all the wards covered by the Leeds Green Party, Sun 15th November.

Green Councillor from Leeds slams proposals for an Elected Mayor

08 September 2015

Cllr David Blackburn joins calls for referendum on the matter with Green Councillors across Yorkshire.

Call for more safe cycling routes in Leeds on Cycle to Work Day

03 September 2015

Leeds Green Party is issuing an appeal for Leeds City Council to progress more safe cycling routes and 20mph limits to enable more people in Leeds to cycle.

Plight of LGBTIQ asylum seekers highlighted at Leeds Pride by Green Party

06 August 2015

Leeds Green Party marched at Leeds Pride on Sunday to promote the rights of LGBTIQ* asylum seekers in support of charity No Going Back.

Proud to be campaigning on behalf of Leeds’ diverse communities – says Green Party leader ahead of Pride

01 August 2015

Natalie Bennett visited Leeds community projects the week before Leeds Pride.

Greens make huge strides in Leeds and promise to keep campaigning for the common good

08 May 2015

The Green Party increases its vote share and influence in Leeds in the general and local elections.

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