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Central and Outer Leeds Green Party believes that everyone in Leeds should be able to get around through sustainable, healthy, affordable and safe means. Our city clearly needs improved public transport and infrastructure for people on foot and bike. This could make a huge difference to people’s health and wellbeing by enabling more people to walk and cycle, reducing noise and air pollution, reducing journey times, preventing road casualties, and benefitting our local economy.

Our priorities for transport for Leeds are:

  • Using modern planning and technology and learning from our European neighbours, to ensure real improvements to walking, cycling and public transport in Leeds.
  • Investing in infrastructure that prioritises people on foot and bicycle, continuing with expanding the cycle superhighways, working closely with groups like Leeds Cycling Campaign to improve the user experience of the joined-up network of segregated cycle paths, improved footpaths and 20mph limits. These sorts of measures often pay for themselves through public health benefits and road casualty prevention.
  • Making public transport an attractive and affordable option compared to driving. This means sensible regulation, subsidisation and smart ticketing, alongside congestion charging where appropriate.
  • Ensuring bus services are cheaper and better quality through moving to bus quality contracts. This would bring bus services back under democratic control so the local authority fixes routes, fares and timetables, as is the case in London.
  • Electrifying the rail networks in Yorkshire to reduce the environmental impact and modernise the network thus increasing capacity.
  • Scrapping the proposed park and ride site at Stourton due to its significant levels of local opposition.

We support co-ops, community campaigns and groups across Leeds working towards these aims. If you are involved in a campaign and would like to discuss working together, please contact leedsgreenparty@gmail.com.

For more information about national Green Party policies in these areas see Transport.

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