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Refugees and immigration

Central and Outer Leeds Green Party actively campaigns for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and values the contributions made by migrants to our area. We recognise that there are many reasons why people are fleeing their home countries due to conflict, political instability and persecution. The process of people trying to claim asylum and be granted refugee status is needlessly complicated and bureaucratic.

Our priorities for refugees in Leeds are:

  • Ensuring recognition of the fact that many refugees and asylum seekers have had traumatic experiences and found themselves thrown into hardship and chaos. We are working hard to raise the profile of this cause so the vast numbers of innocent civilians have lost their homes can find new places to live in safety.
  • Supporting asylum seekers who have not been granted refugee status and are therefore denied almost any form of government assistance, usually leaving them destitute. They are not eligible for income support or even allowed to use homeless shelters.
  • Urging the Council to do everything it can to support refugees, and to lobby national government to make the processes fairer and more efficient.

We believe it is crucial to help with positive action by organisations across the Leeds area that are working to support people who come to England looking for asylum. See the links below for more information.

We support co-ops, community campaigns and groups across Leeds working towards these aims. If you are involved in a campaign and would like to discuss working together, please contact leedsgreenparty@gmail.com.

For more information about national Green Party policies in these areas see Refugees and Asylum Seekers and Migration.

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Natalie Bennett with No Going Back, LGBT+ asylum seekers' charity in Leeds

Natalie Bennett with No Going Back, LGBT+ asylum seekers' charity in Leeds


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