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Central and Outer Leeds Green Party believes that local economic policy should be informed by the unique character of our city, encouraging a diverse economy and valuing quality of life. We think there is great potential for green industries to create a wide range of jobs in Leeds and stimulate prosperity by building new energy-efficient homes, insulating existing homes and fitting solar panels. We also think the Council and national government should be doing more to defend the interests of small, independent local businesses, which are critical to our economy and our communities.

Our priorities for the local economy of Leeds are:

  • Supporting a genuine living wage and ensuring that local medium and larger businesses implement this properly. We want to see a £10 per hour minimum ‘living’ wage by 2020 to put more money into the pockets of ordinary people.
  • Encouraging local production for local use by promoting small-scale local businesses and defending their interests. When we buy local the money stays in the area, plus small independent local businesses bring variety, personality, and creativity to the community.
  • Promoting sustainability re-use and repair, for example, through initiatives like the Repair Cafe and by lobbying central government to allow councils to set their own business rates that will encourage this.
  • Encouraging farmers markets and cooperatives, and supporting Kirkgate Market and other sites that nurture small, independent and creative enterprises.
  • Divesting public sector pension funds from investment in fossil fuels. Not only are these investments not environmental, but if global climate change targets are met they will decrease in value and threaten the financial stability of Leeds’ public sector workers.
  • Supporting initiatives to use unwanted food, for example the local The Real Junk Food Project.

We support co-ops, community campaigns and groups across Leeds working towards these aims. If you are involved in a campaign and would like to discuss working together, please contact leedsgreenparty@gmail.com.

For more information about national Green Party policies in these areas see Economy.

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