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Central and Outer Leeds Green Party believes that everyone should have a secure and affordable place to live, and that this should be addressed through a number of policies rather than simply building new homes. The Leeds City Council target to build 70,000 new homes by 2028 was both unattainable and environmentally unsustainable and we supported the reduction in the target to 52,000 new homes by 2033.

Our priorities for housing in Leeds are:

  • Ensuring that Building Control Officers properly enforce energy efficiency requirements for new build properties and major renovations.We believe that all homes in the UK should be energy efficient. Not only would this cut the nation’s carbon footprint and reduce fuel poverty, but it would also cut the national benefit bill and increase the tax and national insurance and VAT take.
  • Supporting renters and protecting them from insecurity of tenure and exorbitant rental costs through increased control and regulation of letting agents, and the introduction of private rent stabilisation, which would curb rent increases and entitle tenants to basic services from landlords. We also believe that tenants should have access to better financial and benefit advice.
  • Improving and protecting sheltered and supported housing. We believe that a secure place to live is a basic human right that should be protected for the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Supporting mixed development to maintain strong and balanced communities. We support ‘Article 4 Direction’, a local planning policy that gives the council the power to prevent family homes being converted into shared student houses if the nature of the local community is beginning to change.

We support co-ops, community campaigns and groups across Leeds working towards these aims. If you are involved in a campaign and would like to discuss working together, please contact leedsgreenparty@gmail.com.

For more information about national Green Party policies in these areas see Climate ChangeEnergyPollutionNatural Resources and Waste Management.

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