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Democracy and devolution

Central and Outer Leeds Green Party believes that residents should have more power to make decisions about things that affect them and their neighbourhoods. We think that it is vital for people to be fully involved in the issues that affect their local area, and that the best interests of residents should be at the heart of all the decisions that are made.

Our priorities for local democracy are:

  • Opening up the way councillors and officers make decisions to all political parties and the public. This could include creating special community forums to oversee the work of particular departments.
  • Devolving local government decision-making and action wherever something can be done equally well, or better, locally.
  • Reducing Leeds City Councillors’ allowances in line with the lower levels that Leeds Green councillors currently claim.
  • Encouraging public and not-for-profit services to deliver services to meet the city’s needs.
  • Introducing proportional representation for local elections in the form of the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system where candidates are ranked in order of preference.

We support co-ops, community campaigns and groups across Leeds working towards these aims. If you are involved in a campaign and would like to discuss working together, please contact leedsgreenparty@gmail.com.

For more information about national Green Party policies in these areas see Public Administration.

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