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Leeds Green Party cares about the wellbeing, health and livelihoods of Leeds residents, and we believe change is needed across a range of issues for the common good.

The pages below outline our policies on some key issues.

We work with local groups and organisations to help campaign for these policies. You can find links to these at the bottom of this website. If you’re campaigning on these issues and would like to see if we can help please contact leedsgreenparty@gmail.com. To keep up-to-date with our work promoting these policies, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


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Transport Local economy Environment and pollution Housing Health Democracy and devolution Refugees and immigration Education Diversity and equality Community spaces

Policy decisions made at monthly meetings

Here is a summary of public policy decisions made at our monthly business meetings.

24 October 2016

  • Amended transport response to the council consultations accepted as satisfactory policy. Associated press release is here.
  • Response sent to Leeds City council is here.

19 September 2016

25 July 2016

  • Decision to support petition against the closure of HMRC tax offices in Leeds carried nem. con.
  • Press release approved supporting a local campaign to save Tetley Field (a greenbelt piece of land in Meanwood) from being built on and turned into housing.

23 May 2016

  • Decision made to set up a transport working group to discuss transport solutions in Leeds and proposals to spend the £173 million pounds available following the collapse of the Trolleybus scheme.

21 March 2016

  • Decision made to put out a statement explaining why the Green Party in Leeds would not be participating in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.
  • Proposal accepted to use the 2015 manifesto with minimal updates along with new policy pages on the website to effectively form a mini manifesto that would be treated as live documents.

22 February 2016

  • Proposal to have a discussion on policy regarding the trolleybus scheme deferred to after May elections  - scheme subsequently scrapped before the debate was held. 

Manifestos from previous elections

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