Councillor Penny Stables

Cllr Penny Stables

Wetherby Ward

About Penny

Penny Stables represents the Wetherby Ward as a Green Party councillor on the Leeds City Council, having been elected in May 2023.

This election was historic as it marked a significant Green Party gain in a ward traditionally held by Conservatives for nearly five decades. Penny resides in Boston Spa, where she has lived for over two decades.

She is married with two sons who are currently university students. Professionally, Penny has 23 years of experience in business, focusing on sales, marketing, and startups, and she is also a trained Nutritional Therapist

Key Campaigns and Commitments

Penny’s work centres on reducing the community’s carbon footprint, increasing biodiversity, and minimizing waste.

She founded and chairs’ the Boston Spa, Wetherby & Villages Community Green Group, an organisation committed to these environmental goals. Additionally, she initiated the Boston Spa Volunteer Action Group in March 2020, which mobilises community support for the elderly.

Environmental Goals

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions: Implement measures to mitigate climate change impacts.
  • Increase Biodiversity: Promote diverse plant and animal life.
  • Enhance Waste Management and Recycling: Advance local recycling efforts and reduce waste production.

Community Action Groups

  • Tree Cover and Wildlife Corridors: Expand green spaces and establish continuous habitats for wildlife.
  • Cycling Safety: Enhance safety measures for cyclists to encourage this sustainable mode of transport.
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: Develop effective strategies to reduce waste and improve recycling processes.

Developing Projects:

  • Clean River Projects: Focus on purifying local river conditions to support healthier aquatic ecosystems.
  • Community Repair Shop/Café: Create a community hub for repairing items, which helps reduce waste, paired with a café to promote social interactions.
  • Net Zero Carbon and Energy Efficiency: Strive to achieve net zero carbon emissions through better energy practices in local homes and businesses.
  • Young Peoples’ Green Group: Involve young individuals in environmental conservation, ensuring sustainable practices continue into the future.

In her role as Councillor, Penny is involved with several committees which include:

  • Outer North East Community Committee.
  • Scrutiny Board (Environment, Housing, and Communities).

Contact information

Penny Stables can be reached through multiple platforms for updates on her initiatives, opportunities for community involvement, and general inquiries.


Mobile: 07941797902

Bus. Tel. : 0113 3788266

Office Address | Group Support Office
3rd Floor East | Civic Hall
Leeds LS1 1UR

Facebook Page: Follow Penny Stables on Facebook for the latest updates and news about her work in the Wetherby Ward.

Podcasts: Listen to Penny’s podcasts to gain deeper insights into her projects and her vision for environmental sustainability

Website: For more detailed information about her projects or to get involved with the Boston Spa and Wetherby Green Group, visit their official website

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