Candidate Tor Smith

Kirkstall and Burley Ward

About Tor

Tor Smith is your Green Party candidate for Kirkstall and Burley in the upcoming 2024 local elections.

Having lived in Kirkstall for 19 years and chosen the historical Kirkstall Abbey for her wedding venue, Tor has deep roots in the community.

She is dedicated to improving local services, particularly tackling the challenges with bin collections that have been compounded by on-street parking and budget cuts.

Tor is committed to sustainable development, advocating against the expansion of night flights from Leeds-Bradford Airport and supporting the installation of solar panels on new homes.

She also champions enhancing local amenities like the Leeds-Liverpool Canal towpath to make them more enjoyable for the community. Tor supports fair pay and conditions for NHS staff, acknowledging the vital roles they play in our community.

She encourages all residents of Kirkstall and Burley to engage with her campaign to discuss their ideas and concerns, aiming to foster proactive community collaboration. Join her efforts to make Kirkstall and Burley not just a place to live, but a community to value and enjoy.

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