Councillor Tim Goodall 

Tim Goodall Candidate for Headingley and Hyde Park Ward

Headingley and Hyde Park Ward

Meet Councillor Tim

Headingley and Hyde Park Ward

Tim Goodall has been an integral part of the Headingley and Hyde Park community since he first moved there in 1991 as a student, and then again permanently in 2012.

His deep roots in the community are highlighted by his involvement with various local groups such as Child Friendly Headingley and the Woodhouse Ridge Action Group, and he is also a board member of the Heart Centre.

Tim’s longstanding commitment to these groups positions him as a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for local issues, utilising his extensive experience to drive change and progress within the community.

Tim’s commitment for the Headingley and Hyde Park Ward

Tim Goodall is a Green Party Councillor for the Headingley and Hyde Park ward, areas historically dominated by Labour. He represents a strong independent alternative. His is focused on addressing several critical community issues:

  • Create e a balanced and inclusive community environment that reflects the collective interests and well-being of all residents.
  • Community safety initiatives: Tim is actively involved with the Child Friendly Headingley Group, advocating for safer community conditions including increased police presence and business contributions to security along the Otley Run. He supports strict enforcement of speed limits and the implementation of traffic calming measures to slow down speeding vehicles in residential areas.
  • Environmental and Community Projects: Tim opposes environmentally risky development projects such as the proposed artificial pitch made from car tires near Woodhouse Ridge. He is pushing for a landlord licensing scheme that ensures the upkeep of rental properties and holds landlords accountable.
  • Infrastructure Improvements: His priorities include establishing parking restrictions around major stadiums to alleviate local traffic issues and ensuring regular bin collections to manage litter effectively.
  • Tax Reforms and Public Funding: He advocates for a wealth tax to fund local and national green initiatives, which would provide substantial resources for health, social care, and community infrastructure investments.
  • Green initiatives: Tim criticises the current Labour-controlled council for their contradictory environmental practices, such as supporting airport expansions and road constructions that increase local traffic. He champions substantial green investments to transform the local economy into a sustainable model, emphasising the creation of energy-efficient housing and the reduction of community waste.

Contact information

For more information on his policies and to get involved visit his Facebook or Twitter profile, or get in touch with him.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07917 731172
  • Twitter: @TimmoGoodall
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