Councillor Mothin Ali

Gipton and Harehills Ward

About Mothin

Mothin is one of our most active members of the Leeds Green Party for the Gipton & Harehills ward in East Leeds.

Aside from campaigning on local issues he’s a local accountant by profession and a qualified mufti.

He has lived in Gipton and Harehills for more than 20 years and in that time, he’s always been involved in community work whether that’s volunteering at the mosque teaching children Arabic to campaigning for against granting more licences to sell alcohol or campaigning against drug dealers exploiting the young.

He’s particularly passionate about tackling antisocial behaviour and general community wellbeing.

He’s said “..having lived in an overcrowded back-to-back I have experience of how poor quality housing can affect the lives of ordinary people”. He knows what it’s like being on the margins. Mothin also founded the anti-racism organisation called Dig It Out which focuses on equality within horticulture.

You can find his work by checking out ‘My Family Garden’.

In this video, Councillor Mothin Ali addresses the contentious decision to close three Little Owls nurseries in Leeds.

The decision to close three Little Owls nurseries in Gipton North, Seacroft and Chapel Allerton, has sparked significant backlash from parents and carers.

Parents have criticised the council for what they see as a rushed and inadequate consultation process.
Many felt excluded from meaningful participation, as consultation meetings were held at inconvenient times, and some parents were not even aware that the consultations were happening.

The closures are expected to cause major disruptions for families who rely on these nurseries.

Parents are now faced with the challenge of finding alternative childcare in an already oversubscribed system. This could force some parents, particularly those in essential roles, to consider giving up their jobs.
There is a fear that the potential privatisation of a further 12 nurseries could lead to higher childcare costs, making it even more challenging for families to afford quality childcare.

Parents and community members have organised campaigns to oppose the closures.
They are demanding the council to make all review documents public, withdraw the current closure proposals, and explore alternative funding solutions with trade unions and community groups.
Community campaigns are actively seeking to halt the closures and push for better funding solutions to preserve these critical services.

For more information contact Cllr Mothin Ali

2024 Campaigns

Mothin Ali’s ongoing campaigns and community initiatives are well-documented and actively discussed across various platforms:

  • Anti-social Behavior: His robust stance against alcohol licensing and drug abuse highlights his commitment to curbing activities that contribute to social decay.
  • Housing and Community Welfare: Mothin’s personal experiences have shaped his advocacy for better housing conditions, making this a key pillar of his campaign.
  • Community Equality: Through ‘Dig It Out’, he champions horticultural projects that promote equality, aiming to integrate these efforts into broader community improvement schemes.

Social Media
Mothin actively shares updates and engages with the community on his Facebook page, where he discusses local issues, campaign strategies, and community events.
His initiative ‘My Family Garden’ not only reflects his dedication to horticulture but also serves as a platform for community engagement and education about sustainable practices.

For more information on his campaign insights and community projects, follow Mothin on Facebook and explore ‘My Family Garden’ for updates on his horticultural and community-centric initiatives.

His deep-rooted connection with Gipton and Harehills, combined with his professional background and community service, makes him a profound advocate for positive change in the ward.

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Candidate Mothin Ali

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Campaign Initiatives: Dig It Out and My Family Garden

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