Councillor Lou Cunningham


Armley Ward

About Lou

Lou Cunningham is the Green Party councillor for Armley, an area she has been deeply connected with for nearly two decades.

Living in the Aviaries and raising her son there, she has embedded herself in the community both personally and professionally.

Lou works part-time as a nurse for the NHS, which complements her active involvement in local community campaigning. Her work with local groups like Friends of Armley and Gott’s Park, as well as the Armley Action Team, highlights her commitment to local advocacy and community

2024 Local ward campaign

Lou’s dedication to Armley is reflected in her comprehensive approach to addressing local issues. Her background in healthcare and her long-standing residence in the community provide her with unique insights that she uses to advocate effectively for her constituents.

Key Campaigns and Commitments

Community Advocacy and Environmental Focus

  • Health and Social Care: With her background in nursing, Lou places significant emphasis on healthcare services, aiming to enhance local health and social care provisions.
  • Family and Youth Provision: She advocates for better family and youth services, understanding the foundational role they play in community welfare.
  • Environmental Protection: Committed to safeguarding local green spaces, Lou also focuses on environmental issues—a central pillar of the Green Party

Community Safety and Infrastructure

  • Housing and Community Safety: Recognising these as core elements of community wellbeing, she strives to address housing issues and enhance community safety measures.
  • Cleaner Neighbourhoods and Road Safety: Her campaigns also include initiatives to maintain cleaner neighbourhoods and improve road safety, with specific measures to reduce speeding

Independent voice

  • Lou touts a history of tangible improvements in Armley, underscoring her ability to impact these issues directly.
  • She promises to continue serving as a strong, independent voice for Armley, putting the community ahead of party politics on the Leeds City Council.

Contact information

For more information visit Lou Facebook page “Lou for Armley 2024” or contact her by email Leeds Green Party  

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