Leeds Green Party at Summer Festivals

1 July 2016


Man throws ball at coconut at coconut shy 

A festival goer has a go at our coconut shy.

Leeds Green Party have been busy attending festivals and events to fundraise and spread the green message. The party was present at both the Pudsey Carnival on May 21 and the Beeston Festival on June 4 and have more events to come.

The party was very popular at the event especially the improved coconut shy which sported the faces of various prominent figures from the EU referendum debate, encouraging many people to have a try. Hilary Benn MP enjoyed taking shots at his opposition parliamentary colleagues and Nigel Farage. We also sold homemade cakes and plants grown by our members.

 The events provided us with an excellent opportunity to spread the message about what Leeds Greens are doing in the city and Green Party policies. The events also provided some valuable funds to help support the party’s work across the city.


Yorkshire and the Humber Green Party banner

Our Green Party banner.

Upcoming events include the Holbeck Gala on Saturday, July 2 between 12 and 4pm, the Kirkstall Festival on Saturday, July 9 between 11am and 5pm and Unity Day in Hyde Park with the date TBC. Our coconut shy, cake sale and information stall will be running at these events. If you’d like to volunteer you can contact Colin Noble at colinnoble5@gmail.com or Chris Bell at arcticchris@hotmail.co.uk