Response to Unfair and Ineffective Lockdown Policies

13 October 2020

Central and Outer Leeds Green Party (CAOLGP) condemns the Government’s announcement of new restrictions in the north of England as both unfair and ineffective. Central and outer Leeds appears to be in the Tier 2, or ‘high’ category which means that there is relatively little change in our restrictions at the moment but the CAOLGP is concerned about the seemingly arbitrary and random decisions made by a small cabal in London. It is highly undemocratic and not the way we should be governed.

The Green Party is proud of its record of forming policies based on evidence-based research and accepted scientific truths but unfortunately we can see little of those in the restrictions. Instead, the Government is flailing around in a confused frenzy, giving the impression that it thinks any action will do as long as it looks active. However, in the process it has come up with needlessly damaging policies and eroded its own credibility and trustworthiness.

The announced three tier system will work only if:

  1. It is based on universally accessible and agreed data; but the Government has been conspicuously reluctant to share its data;
  2. It is based on the latest data and not using figures, such as reported infection rates, hospitalisation and death rates which are inevitably behind what is actually happening in different communities. Why isn’t the Government making more use of the UCL/Zoe symptom data which over 4 million people are using every day in real time?
  3. It is used in genuine partnership with local government which has far more expertise in its public health and environmental health teams, and its elected councillors, than the hugely expensive private companies like Serco.
  4. It is accompanied by a financial support package to totally mitigate the impact on local jobs and security in the worst affected areas.

“We don’t want or need more unfairness and ineffectiveness” commented Ed Carlisle, local Green Party activist in South Leeds, “what we need is a proper discussion between government and local experts, a real commitment to protect the most vulnerable – medically and economically vulnerable,  clear and consistent messaging and some honest leadership and integrity in government. It’s not rocket science.”
This press release is supported by Councillor David Blackburn, the leader of the Green Group on Leeds City Council.

Any questions and interviews please contact Colin Noble on or phone 07825340969

Central and Outer Leeds Green Party is the local Green Party in the parliamentary constituencies of Leeds Central, Leeds East, Leeds North East, Morley & Outwood and Pudsey, and the 20 council wards that make up these constituencies.