Response to Boris Johnson's Conservative Party conference speech

7 October 2020

Central and Outer Leeds Green Party (CAOLGP) condemns the Prime Minister’s cynical and insincere conversion to a Green economy and questions his basic understanding.

The Party regards the Prime Minister’s speech as typically rich in language and metaphor but also typically limited in detail and costing. What is needed is not more meaningless, empty promises of being ‘world class’ or ‘world leading’ but a clear strategy to green the economy - with realistic costings and clear timeframes. 

The announced investment of £160 million in sustainable energy is nothing like enough to make a real difference. As well as being realistic about this the Government needs to:

    • Accept that its strategy must be based on sustainable, environmentally-friendly sources - and so reject the use of ultra-expensive and highly dangerous nuclear energy with its unsolvable problems of waste disposal

    • Stop building roads and invest in sustainable travel and high speed broadband instead

    • Invest in public transport so that it becomes the safe, speedy, affordable, accessible and default transport mode of choice 

    • Build a nationwide system of electrical charging points for electric cars, particularly in old industrial cities like Leeds where many people do not have off road parking at home

    • Incentivise people to reduce frequent flying

    • Develop and finance a homes and building insulation scheme (the UK is currently bottom of the European Warm Homes League Table)

“Boris Johnson is very good at making empty promises” commented Rachel Hartshorne, joint coordinator of the CAOLGP, “just look at our ‘world-beating’ Test and Trace system, and the non-progress made to ‘level up’. We don’t need more hyperbole and a Trump-like relationship with the truth. What we need is a serious government, aware that the biggest crisis facing us is climate change, with a clarity of message to explain its strategy, make difficult decisions and achieve long term and significant cuts in our carbon emissions and a commitment to improve the environment in general.”

Central and Outer Leeds Green Party is the local Green Party in the parliamentary constituencies of Leeds Central, Leeds East, Leeds North East, Morley & Outwood and Pudsey, and the 20 council wards that make up these constituencies.