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Leeds voters urged to think local in last week before election day

29 April 2015

Mags Shevlin & the Chapeltown 'C'
Above: Chapel Allerton candidate Mags Shevlin

With all the hype around the general elections, voters are being urged by Leeds Greens to not wait until they are at the polling station to consider who they will vote for in the local elections. The Party is running a #makeleedsgreen campaign in the run up to 7 May, with for the first time a full slate of candidates standing in both the local and general elections for Leeds.

“Considering who you want to represent you in Parliament is really important, but voters should also be thinking about who they want representing their local area on Leeds City Council,” says Mags Shevlin, newly-selected Green candidate for Chapel Allerton and Chapeltown. “I decided to stand for the first time in these elections because I know this part of Leeds inside out and care deeply about standing up for local people. I’ve lived in the area for 20 years, work at a housing charity in Chapeltown, and my son went to local schools. I believe strongly in what the Greens stand for and am committed to making a difference to the people who live in Chapel Allerton and Chapeltown.”

The Greens currently have three councillors in Leeds, but are hoping to increase representation this year, as the ‘Green surge’ reaches Yorkshire. While national membership of the Green Party doubled last year, now exceeding that of the Lib Dems and UKIP, in Yorkshire it has now quadrupled: the most rapid growth in any region, with Leeds the fastest growing local party.

Joe Salmon
Above: Headingley candidate Joe Salmon

Joe Salmon is standing in the local elections for Headingley, where Greens have strong support and came a close second in the 2014 local elections. Joe says, “Councillors can make a huge difference in the decisions they take in local government. Voters need to be aware that Labour, Tory and Lib Dem councillors generally won’t stand up to austerity or consumer capitalism no matter how dire the impact on constituents. Green councillors will.” Joe’s priorities for Headingley are stopping the trolley bus destroying green space, cycle provision in the area, supporting grassroots projects in the community, improved recycling facilities, and better public transport. Read more.

On her campaign to get elected for Chapel Allerton and Chapeltown, Mags continued, “This part of Leeds is a great place to live, but there are some critical issues facing us, especially our young people and vulnerable residents. If I’m elected I will fight hard to defend vital services, like youth services which have already been drastically cut, speak out for our green spaces and people’s ability to walk and cycle safely, and stand up for small local businesses.” Mags is promoting three key promises she’ll keep if elected on 7 May to represent Chapel Allerton and Chapeltown residents. Read about them in Leeds NE Greens’ April newsletter and leaflet for businesses.

See the all Leeds Green candidates standing in the local and general elections, watch Leeds Green Party’s election broadcast video and read their mini manifesto at leedsgreen.party.

For media enquiries, pictures and further comments from Leeds Greens’ candidates, contact leedsNEgreens@gmail.com. Tweet us @LeedsNEGreens.

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