Leeds Green Party issues rallying call to Leeds Council planners - The Car is NOT the Star

17 October 2016

Bus on Vicar Lane

Leeds Green Party is concerned by the emphasis placed on private cars as a crucial part of the city’s economy in the draft proposals from Leeds City Council made in the Transport vision for a 21st Century Leeds document.

Leeds Green Party urges the Council to be bold and think long-term as any major transport schemes must be planned and viewed on a 30+ year timeframe. The Party’s vision is to reduce congestion, improve journey times and create a city that is environmentally sustainable with significantly improved air quality and carbon emissions reduction.

To do this Leeds Green Party encourages the Council to work with the hierarchy of road users set out in its own Local Development Framework, which places the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users above those of private motor vehicles.

Measures to encourage walking and cycling as a primary method of getting around Leeds will promote well-being through a healthy lifestyle.

Leeds Green Party suggests a medium-term plan to deliver a car-free city centre. We recognise that changing behaviours is key to persuading people to convert to using public transport in place of a car.

Chris Bell, Policy Officer of Leeds Green Party, says ‘a balance must be struck between making public transport more attractive and discouraging car journeys.’

Leeds Green party urges making provision for more Park and Ride schemes across the city and extending further outwards than existing sites cater for. This is an important stepping stone in weaning people off reliance on their cars.

The money available following the collapse of the doomed Trolleybus scheme - long opposed by Leeds Green Party - makes now an unmissable opportunity to positively redefine how we want Leeds to look in the future.