Leeds Green Party is hoping for a greener, cleaner Leeds

16 January 2017

Hook Moor wind farm
Hook Moor wind farm in Micklefield

2016 was a year of turmoil for many and there were clear signs that people want change. We are looking ahead to what positive things we can bring to our fine city. 

What are we building on? Last year saw some huge achievements with the election of Alexander Van der Bellen, of the Green Party, as President of Austria, firmly defeating the Far Right. We've also seen the increasing adoption by the Labour Party of Green policies such as carbon-free growth and anti-fracking, which shows we're winning the argument.

What about more locally? The long anticipated construction of City Connect 2 segregated cycling scheme should begin in Leeds city centre this year. The Leeds Green Party is working closely with local campaign groups such as Frack Free Leeds, Leeds Cycling Campaign and Keep Our NHS Public to raise awareness of these important issues. We also have a new policy / events / campaign / media working party for those who want action as well as discussion. Leeds Green Party is strengthening its ties with the other local green parties in the area to work towards city-wide projects.

Our vision for 2017: Leeds Green Party is passionate about combating climate change and improving the quality of life for Leeds’ citizens. We need to increase spending on clean, renewable energy and use this to power our buses and trains to reduce polluting vehicles on the roads. This has already been proven to work in places such as The Netherlands, Denmark and California.

We already have great examples of Green Innovation on our doorstep. Residents of Micklefield near Garforth live near Hook Moor wind farm, the largest of its kind in Leeds, and have no complaints. Resident Carole Sherwell said of the wind farm, “The only thing wrong with it, in my opinion, is that there are only five turbines. I would have preferred a few more [turbines].”

We will also continue to fight hard against fracking, in particular the plans to use Knostrop in South Leeds as a processing centre for chemical waste from around the region. We will be hosting a debate in March to hear what effects this process has on our land.

If you’d like to get involved in making Leeds a cleaner, greener city then please get in contact.