Leeds Green Party backs local campaign to protect Meanwood Valley greenbelt

26 July 2016

Tetley Field: Save Our Green Belt

A local campaign fighting development plans for a plot of greenbelt land in Meanwood Valley has been backed by Leeds Green Party. The campaign to ‘Save our Green Tetley Field’ is protesting plans to build 45 homes on the site, due to the impact it would have on a part of Leeds loved and enjoyed by many local residents.

More than 500 residents have objected to the plans already, alongside local and national organisations: see www.sogtetleyfield.com. Yorkshire Cricket Club recently encouraged their members to support the plans, but did not mention the fact the land is green belt in their statement.

Leeds Green Party is opposed to the plans, and is encouraging supporters and members to object. See www.sogtetleyfield.com for advice on doing so.

Kate Bisson, Leeds Green Party coordinator, says: “We agree more homes are needed in Leeds but sacrificing important green belt land should not and need not be part of that process. Meanwood Valley is a beautiful and treasured part of our city that’s enjoyed by so many people – we should not stand by and let that be destroyed. Green belt land is critical to people’s health and wellbeing and the Council must defend that. There are many, many brownfield sites across Leeds that could be turned into housing and facilities for the community, without building on our green spaces. Hence we are behind the campaign to save Tetley Field, and all of our green belt.”

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