Leeds Green Party announces General Election Candidates

9 May 2017

Leeds Green Party are pleased to announce that we will be standing the following candidates in the General Election on June 8th:

Ed Carlisle  Ann Forsaith  Jaimes Lewis Moran 
Ed Carlisle in Leeds Central Ann Forsaith in Leeds North East Jaimes Lewis Moran in Leeds East

We will also be supporting the candidates from the other Green Parties across Leeds:

After consultation with our membership, we have decided not to stand in the marginal constituencies of Pudsey and Morley & Outwood. This difficult decision was not unanimous, but was made for the greater good of our nation due to the risks posed by another 5 years of Conservative Government. This election is of uniquely critical importance to shaping the laws of the land and type of society we want to live in. Doing what we can to remove local Conservative MPs is vital to gaining a more constructive post Brexit deal and limiting the effects of climate change.

It is with great regret that we have chosen to do this, as the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats have not been interested in formal alliances and we disagree with them on many fundamental policies. However, having had talks with Neil Dawson (Morley & Outwood Labour candidate) & Ian McCargo (Pudsey Labour candidate), they are personally very supportive of many of our aims particularly protecting the environment and the need for electoral reform. They also promised to participate in a PR forum, agreed to have quarterly talks with us and they've agreed to consult with us on fighting certain things in the Great Repeal Bill.

Although we feel that this is the right decision, the first-past-the-post electoral system has undoubtedly forced our hand here. We apologise to those hoping to vote Green in the two affected constituencies, but we urge voters in other leeds constituencies, especially Leeds Central, to support our candidates. We will continue to campaign for a fairer proportional voting system in order to remove the need for tactical voting from politics for future elections.

Leeds Green Party remains committed to its vision of a greener, fairer, happier Leeds.

For more information about what we stand for, please see our manifesto.