Groundhog Day: another lockdown and Johnson still lazy and ignorant

6 January 2021

Yesterday’s new lockdown has been portrayed by the government as the result of some sort of completely unforeseeable trick played on them by the virus - inexplicably mutating and driving up coronavirus infection rates.

Unfortunately, it’s not true. Government advisers were very clear in August that there was a strong probability that the virus would mutate in the coming winter and laid out recommendations for the government to follow. Johnson was asked if he had read his own advisers’ report. He hadn’t. Last Sunday (3rd January) on the Marr Show, he was asked again if he had read the report. He blathered and waffled (more Groundhog Day), but he clearly had not read it. Instead, he insisted that schools were safe and that primary schools in most of the country would be opening again on Monday after the Christmas break. In Leeds most primary schools did open again on Monday although a few could not because of staff shortages, and in some schools there was limited opening for the same reason.

Then, on Monday evening at 8pm Johnson told the nation that the new national lockdown would start the next day and all schools would be closed. That left parents/carers less than 13 hours to try to arrange childcare and home-schooling. It was difficult enough for those with two parents, but for single, working parents it was next to impossible - as well as being extremely stressful.

Although there is now a need for the new lockdown (necessitated mainly by the government’s own lethargy and ineptitude), it will only work properly if people are compensated for loss of income and/or the need to isolate. There is nothing for the child-caring parent/carer and nothing for 90% of the self-employed.

“Today, Michael Wilshaw (the ex-head of Ofsted) strongly implied that Gavin Williamson should resign from his post as Education Secretary” said Colin Noble, the joint coordinator of Central and Outer Leeds Green Party. “but we think that his boss should go too. The country simply cannot afford someone this useless to be at the head of government.’

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Central and Outer Leeds Green Party is the local Green Party in the parliamentary constituencies of Leeds Central, Leeds East, Leeds North East, Morley & Outwood and Pudsey, and the 20 council wards that make up these constituencies.