A Green New Deal for Leeds

1 May 2018

Vote Green leaflet

Leeds Green Party proposes a Green New Deal for Leeds, replacing austerity policies with a plan to invest in a brighter, greener future for the city.

An investment that would transform the city, create thousands of new well paid jobs and protect the local economy from the impact of Brexit, including:

  • Developing a plan to finally sort out Leeds chronic traffic congestion and air pollution problems with a big improvement and extension of the local rail system to include new stations, trains and extended underground and overground lines across the city.
  • Introduce a scheme to improve bus service reliability, frequency and speed while regulating bus fairs to stop the bus companies from pricing people off the buses.
  • Greatly improved safe cycling provision on key routes as well as creating safe cycling neighbourhoods, so familes can cycle safely to local schools, and shops.
  • Building new ultra low energy housing in locations with good public transport, cycling and walking links and in suitable areas with enough school and health service provision for the extra people.
  • Protecting the city from flooding by repairing and reinstating old flood defences, new environmental schemes to slow down the flow of water into the rivers, and extra flood defences where necessary.
  • Improving recycling provision across the city to reverse the recent collapse in the city’s recycling rate and aim to get Leeds back on target for 50% recycling by 2020.
  • Leeds and the wider region has received billions less infrastructure funding than the national average for years.

The question shouldn’t be where would the money come from, the question should be why Leeds City Council has failed to secure this funding for Leeds and the wider region for so long.

We have 3 votes in Leeds on Thursday:
please make at least one vote Green.

Leeds Green Party is the group within the Green Party of England & Wales with responsibility for the parliamentary constituencies of Leeds Central, Leeds East, Leeds North East, Pudsey and Morley & Outwood, and the 20 council wards that make up those constituencies.