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Call for more safe cycling routes in Leeds on Cycle to Work Day

3 September 2015

Leeds Green Party activist Ed Carlisle and national Green Party leader Natalie Bennett by Holbeck Viaduct

Leeds Green Party activist Ed Carlisle and national Green Party leader Natalie Bennett by Holbeck Viaduct

Leeds Green Party is issuing an appeal for Leeds City Council to progress more safe cycling routes and 20mph limits to enable more people in Leeds to cycle, as the Party takes part in Cycle to Work Day. Leeds Green Party activists and members are taking part in the Day across the city, and highlighting the benefits of cycling to individuals, families, and our communities – and the need for more safe cycling infrastructure to help more people take up cycling.

Cycle to Work Day is an annual event, which businesses and individuals across Leeds are taking part in – including many from Leeds Green Party. Nationally more than 27,000 individuals and nearly 800 businesses are taking part. See www.cycletoworkday.org.

Ed Carlisle, Leeds Green Party’s 2015 candidate for City and Hunslet, is a cyclist and helping to lead a local campaign for Holbeck Viaduct, an unused Victorian rail route, to be turned into a traffic-free walking and cycling route and public green space.

Ed says: “People in this area care a lot about being able to get around freely by bike and on foot. Leeds would benefit enormously by helping more people to take up cycling and get around through active, sustainable means. More cycling means less traffic and pollution, and healthier, happier people. I’m proud to be helping develop the Holbeck Viaduct campaign, which is something many local people are excited about and starting to work on together. It’s a great example of the numerous opportunities across Leeds to improve cycling and walking routes, and make our city a better place.”

Joe Salmon, Leeds Green Party coordinator, is among many Leeds Green Party members who regularly cycles to get around Leeds and is cycling to work today. Joe says: “We’re proud to be backing Cycle to Work Day this year – and it’s great to see lots of local businesses getting involved. Cycling is such a brilliant way to get around – it’s healthy, non-polluting, and you’re not adding to congestion. I love getting about on my bike, but I get that there are a lot of people who don’t feel confident cycling on Leeds’ busy roads. That’s why we believe the Council needs to do more to provide safe cycling routes, to help more people across Leeds to take up cycling.”

For media enquiries contact Joe Salmon on leedsgreenparty@gmail.com or 07443 649 879.

Leeds Green Party coordinator Joe Salmon with his bike

Leeds Green Party coordinator Joe Salmon with his bike

Facts about cycling and active travel

Across Britain, bicycle journeys make up just 2% of journeys. Two-thirds of commuting trips are made by car, as are nearly half (46%) of trips that are less than two miles. Walking now makes up less than a quarter (22%) of trips, having fallen significantly. (Department for Transport)

Nationally the annual spend on cycling has averaged £4.21 per head in recent years and this is set to plummet according to Sustrans. This compares to roughly £25 per head in the Netherlands. (Sustrans)

Helping people to adopt active travel can help to address obesity: incorporating physical activity into everyday routines through activities such as walking and cycling is as effective for weight loss as supervised exercise programmes. (Department of Health)

People who commute by walking, cycling or public transport are better able to concentrate and less stressed than car commuters. (University of East Anglia)

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