About the Leeds Green Party

Leeds city view

Leeds Green Party's vision is a greener, fairer, happier Leeds where everyone can:

  • live and get around sustainably, healthily and affordably
  • access decent homes, services and green spaces
  • breathe clean air and enjoy their area.

We work to increase Green representation, especially on Leeds City Council, and campaign to make a positive difference to local policies and people’s lives, in line with Green policies and principles. Read about our policies.

Green Parties in Leeds

Central & Outer Leeds Green Party was formed in 2011 as a party for those members without another local ward or constituency party. The image below shows the areas covered by each party in Leeds.

Map of wards in Leeds and which Green Party covers them

A map of the five Green Parties in Leeds: click image for bigger

(image based on a cc-by-sa image by Nilfanion)

Central & Outer Leeds Green Party tries to provide a focus on Leeds wide Issues. It is also responsible for the finance of campaigns, and the organisation of selections and elections for those areas of the city of Leeds that are not covered by their own membership branch.

There are four other Green Parties in the City of Leeds:

  1. Elmet & Rothwell Green Party: 5 wards in the Parliamentary constituency of Elmet & Rothwell
  2. Farnley & Wortley Green Party: 4 wards in the Parliamentary constituency of Leeds West
  3. Headingley Green Party: 3 (of 4) wards in the Parliamentary constituency of Leeds North West
  4. Otley & Yeadon Green Party

Central & Outer Leeds Green Party serves the remaining 20 wards of Leeds City Council, in the Parliamentary consituencies of Leeds Central, Leeds East, Leeds North East, Morley & Outwood and Pudsey.


Before 2011 Leeds had two active local parties largely based on Council ward boundaries, one in Farnley & Wortley (home to the two Green Councillors, Ann and David Blackburn), and the other in Headingley. However Farnley & Wortley Green Party actually covers the Leeds West parliamentary constituency, while Headingley Green Party covers 3 wards of the Leeds North West parliamentary constituency. 

At a full meeting at Leeds Civic Hall on 5th October 2010, members of the Green Party in Leeds agreed to the formation of a city wide party. It was felt this would be a forum and a focus for all Green Party members in Leeds. We also thought a city party might make it easier to attract more members like Brighton, Norwich, Sheffield, and York, for example.

After a series of discussions a new constitution was drafted for a Leeds Green Party. The Farnley & Wortley and Headingley parties continue to exist and retain their autonomy. The city-wide party acts as a membership branch for those members without a local ward party and will help new local ward parties form should they wish. For example it was a long standing aim to establish a local Otley party, which has now been created.

The Inaugural Meeting of the Leeds Green Party took place on 24th February 2011 at the Civic Hall. The Inaugural Meeting saw the election of the new Officers, some final amendments to the constitution, and the start of the process towards setting up a bank account. The Leeds Green Party now concentrates on the coming elections and campaigning. So if you choose to join or help the Green Party in the near future, this is an exciting time to be getting involved - a fresh start for the Greens in Leeds.

Since then, new parties have been formed to cover Otley & Yeadon and Elmet & Rothwell. The (now named) Central & Outer Leeds Green Party continues to serve the remaining 20 wards.

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